Fobo Bike Tike sensors

223 €

*                                     incl. VAT
Availability:                  1-2 weeks
Warranty:                     2 years
Returns:                        yes

Helps extend tire life by 15%.
Helps prevent traffic accidents.
– Easy to use.
– Fast installation in only 15 minutes.

Fobo Bike Trike Tire monitoring is developed to inteligent systems of tire pressure monitorings. TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is for monitoring the Tire pressure and temperatures and  communicate with driver. Your car Tires will be monitored at any time 24 h / 7 days. In the Smartsolution is easaly to make setup and installation, you can do it yourself.

   Helps extend tire life by 15%.
   Easy to set up and install.
   Helps prevent traffic accidents.
   Indicates alerts when there are changes in the tires.
   Be informed of the activities of the Smartphone.
   The Fobo Bike Trike Tire can be shared with other users.


   The product requires a user account registration.
   Working range is up to 30 m.
   With one Smart device can manage up to 20 bikes.
   Corps: Plastic and metal.
   Small dimentions: 16×26 mm.
   Water- and dustproof: IP 57
   Operating temperatures: -40`C – (+85`C)
   Maximum pressure: 600 kPa/3,5 bar
   Power supplyreplaceable battery, duration up 2 years.

   Supported Operating System:
                        a. Android 4.3 and above.
                        b. iOS 7 and above.
                        c. Bluetooth 4.0.
   Comtable with: Samsung Calaxy S4/S5/Alpha, IPhone – 4S/5/5S/5C, Sony Xperia – Z/Z1/Z2/Z3, HTC – One (M8)/One, LG – Nexus5/G Flex/G3, Huawei – Acsent P7.
   Existing user manual.

Product Name:    Replacement sensor
Price incl. VAT:    78 €
Availability:         1-2 weeks
Warranty:            2 years
Returns:               yes

Product Name:    T-Valves
Price incl. VAT:    24 €
Availability:         1-2 weeks
Warranty:            2 years
Returns:               yes

Where can I get the APP?

Google Play Store – ” Fobo Bike ”
App Store – ” Fobo Bike ”
Windows Phone Store – ” Fobo Bike “

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