Warranty conditions:

Seller will provide the sold products by producers/suppliers sales warranty up to 1-3 years (hearafter Warranty). The warranty time is suppliers in accordance with the terms of warranty. The warranty will apply to products Buyers delivery day after. Seller undertakes defective during the warranty period, or otherwise not in compliance with an Order in accordance with the terms of the guarantee of product replacement or repair.

Seller given by the company’s products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The guarantee is valid provided that the product is installed and configured correctly for its intended purposes, and only after the buyer has the invoice other sales documents.

Reccomantations to clients:

  After the acquisition, hold the bill remains. If the bill goes to the accounts, so you can make the guarantee for a copy of the bill;
   Before you take the Smart device (product) to guarantee, keep a copy of important data;
   Before you take the Smart device (product) to guarantee, make sure that it is not a virus or other software problem.
   Before you take the Smart device (product) to guarantee, please release device from the Smartphone.
   If You have problems, please contact with our client support: Sarel Smart center support +(372) 56 941 203

Warranty doesn`t covered:

   Software, including previously installed the software and the software exploitation disturbances caused;
   Maintenance and physical injuries as a result of accidental or intentional physical damage or penetrated into the side of the device objects, liquids, insects, etc. excess dust. by;
   Maintenance and physical injuries as a result of nonworking electrical systems (lack of grounding wire, etc.), power supply, or the supply voltage fluctuations;
   Maintenance and physical injuries that are caused by non-original parts or unsuitable accessories;
   Exploitation disturbances caused by improper use of equipment, failure to comply with the requirements of the performances (incl. The normal use of the product under different environmental conditions).
   Equipment malfunctions as a result of the exercise of their own repairs or repair the defective exercise of any repair works, which are not stated in these terms of sale.
   Devices that have been damaged by the warranty label or serial number of the product, or is not readable.

Devices reparing and defects:

   Repairs are carried out on the basis of the purchase invoice.
   Repairs are carried out according to the device manufacturer’s brand maintenance representations.
   The device must be brought to Sarel Smart Center, at Pärnu street 76, Tallinn 10131, Estonia calling us in advance.
   Repairs grant device to the data backup is the customer’s obligation to.
   Before you take the smart device (product) to reparing, please release device from the smartphone.
   If the repair during the warranty period, or at the time the claim is impossible and that the production is completed, the dealer will replace, at its option unit equivalent. If it proves impossible to replace equipment, the seller buys back the device, returning the unit to the contract price, assuming that only the device came with all the cables and other accessories and documentation, and the best device in its original packaging, delivery time a potential purchaser of the device in a similar state. If any of the wires, documents, or other accessories in its original packaging are missing or damaged, the seller may withhold and retain a share of the sales price to cover the damage caused by the seller in connection with the complex wiring, other consumables, papers, or in the original packaging, or in the absence impaired.
   Repairs carried out by the customer or the seller may require the consumer to the diagnostic fee if the device for repair, there was no hardware failure. Diagnostic Fee size then agreed upon prior to the adoption of the unit for repair.
   Replaced products is subject to the warranty conditions, such as new products.

This warranty does not exclude or limit the buyer the right to use other legal remedies under the Contract.