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The entire family of mobile and smart solution !
– 24/7 health Monitoring.
Enjoy the convenience and healthy lifestyle !

Pulse Oximeter helps you keep healthy and active. Pulse Oximeter i PULSE smart solution is created, which allows to achieve their chosen a healthy lifestyle goals.

   The entire family of mobile and smart solution.
   Pulse measurement.
   Measurement of blood oxygen levels.
   24/7 health Monitoring.

   The product requires a user account registration.
   CorpsMetal-, plastic.
   Blood Pressure meter runs WiFi coverage up to 30 m.
   Small dimentions: 62 x 33 x 28 mm.
   Weight: 100 g.
   Splachproof: 15% IP 20
   Operating temperatures: +5`C – (-40`C)
   Operating humidity: <80%.
   Power supplyinternal replaceable battery, duration up to 7 days.

Surveying parameters:
   A blood oxygen content amounted to: 70-99%.
   Surveying the extent of the pulse: 30-250 bpm.
   Blood oxygen levels of accuracy class:  70-99%,±2%; <70%.
   Puls surveying accuracy class:  ±2 bpm or ±2%.

   With one Smart device can manage up to 1 Blood Pressure meter.
   Supported Operating System:
                         a. iOS 5 and above.
                         b. Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
   Comtable with: Iphone 4S/5/5S/5C/6.
   Existing user manual.

Where can I get the APP?

App Store – ” iHealth SPO2 “

Ihealth pulse app yld

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