Lenovo Yoga Book

495 €

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– The entire family of mobile and smart solution !
– Control devices: TouchPad.
– 360-degree screen.

Premium looks and all day battery life make this computer good from every angle. On the last wireless technology cased in a sleek casing, to ensure the best user experience.

Hybrid Computing offers a great experience everyday computer users, thanks to a number of different properties and attractive design that exceeds all of your expectations. Newer hybrid computer is an incredibly elegant and thin laptop that created seeing out from the others. 360-degree swiveling screen laptop, which is able to adapt to any situation, wherever you are.

It makes no difference whether you make Smart Computer hard work or simply use the fun, hybrid computer provides the power you need.

   Hybrid Computing.
   360-degree swiveling screen.
   Control devices: TouchPad..
   Processor has very low power consumption and decent performance.
   It is not in the modern sense providing very high performance computer. Despite this, it can be managed very nicely with all the usual activities – surfing the web in parallel with other activities, watching HD videos, word processing, etc. Even Photoshop runs quite satisfactorily. Of course, it is not a serious play for the machine, but older or simpler games run freely.

Processor: Name: Intel Atom x5 Z8550
   Clock Speed (max): 1.44Ghz (2.4Ghz)
   Cache Memory (L2 + L3): 2MB
   The number of cores (number of threads): 4 (4)

Architecture: Cherry Trail

Power Consumption: 2W

   Capacity: 4GB
   Maximum capacity: 4GB

Clock Speed: 1600MHz
    Interface:  LPDDR3
    Free slots: 0

Hard drive:
   Capacity: 64GB
   Interface: eMMC

Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics (Cherry Trail) (344p)

♦   Diagonal: 10.10
   Resolution: 1920×1200 Full HD
   Surface: Glossy
   Technology: IPS
   Pixels per inch (PPI): 224
   Touch sensitive

Other details:
   Weight: 0.69 kg
   Dimensions: 0.96cm; 25.66cm; 17.08cm

Additional information:
  Integrated battery: Battery life: 8 hours 10 minutes

Audio: Sound System: Dolby Atmos

Operating System: Android (Android 6.0)

Network Connections: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0

Data Connections:
    1x micro USB

Display Connections:
   Micro HDMI

Other Connections:
    Memory Card Reader: micro-SD

Additional information:
   Keyboard: Touch sensitive

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