Smart Tag Lupo

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Availability:                     1-2 weeks
Warranty:                        2 years
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– The world’s smallest items finder !
Finding items through Google Maps.
24/7 personal belongings Tracking.
Makes photo shooting more comfortable.
– Enjoy the comfort and the peaceful way of life !

Peope often lose their belongings. LUPO tag helps to find and if necessary track the lost items. LUPO always keeps an eye on your personal items. Stick it/fasten where you like (keys, wallet, suitcase, pets etc.)

   Helps to find lost things.
   A sound will play if the exit is reached or a local search of range or searching for.
   With Google Maps you can see the tag last posittion on the map.
   The tag can`t be shared with other users.

   The product requires a user account registration.
   Corps: Plastic.
   The tag can be found near the search through up to 30 m.
   Small dimentions: 44×10 mm.
   Splashproof: 15% IP 20
   Operating temperatures: -10`C – (+50`C)
   Power supply: replaceable battery, duration up to 24 months.

   With one Smart device can manage up to 8 tags an more.
   Supported Operating System:
                         a. Android 4.4 and above.
                         b. iOS 7 and above.
                         c. Bluetooth 4.0
  Comtable with: Samsung Calaxy – S4/S5/Alpha, IPhone – 4S/5/5S/5C/6/6+, Sony Xperia – Z/Z1/Z2/Z3, HTC – One (M8)/One, LG – Nexus5/G Flex/G3, Huawei – Acsent P7.
   Existing user manual.

Where can I get the APP?

Google Play Store – ” LUPO Find Secure & Control ”
App Store – ” LUPO Find Secure & Control “

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