A/C Climate Monitor

125 €

*                                      incl. VAT
Availability:                  1-2 weeks
Warranty:                     2 year
Returns:                        yes

Enjoy the comfort and energy savings !
– Energy savinging up to 40%
– Easy to use.
– Quick installation in just 5 minutes.
– Stylish solution.

Innovative indoor climate monitor indoor climate monitoring solution . Sensibo sky is the best device for controlling your air conditioning and heat pump, which makes it smart. Sensibo sky lets you control, monitor, automate, and save energy. With one application, you can manage multiple devices and share your information with your family at home and with colleagues in the office.

We have found a simple and stylish solution that can monitor the indoor climate.

   Helps make our home better for the community.
   Make the air conditioner smart.
   Measures temperature and humidity.
   Notify Filters exchange information.
   Analyzes collected data.
   7-day data graphing and setup.

♦   Small dimentions: 11 x 7.5 x 2,3 mm.
   Working range from air conditioning system A / C: up to 6 m
   Waterproof: 100% IP 67
   Operating temperatures: 5`C – (+50`C)
   Power supply: Internal battery, adapter rechargeable, duration up to .

   With one Smart device can manage up to 10 devices.
   Supported Operating System:
                         a. Android 4.3 and above.
♦                         b. iOS 6.1 and above.
                         c. WiFi range, up to 100 m.
   Public hotspot not supporte.
   Does not support access point (HotSpot) function.
   Comtable with: IPhone , Android 4.3 and above phones.
   Existing user manual.

Product Name:
Price incl. VAT               000 €
Availability:                    1-2 weeks
Warranty:                        2 year
Returns:                           yes

Where can I get the APP ?

Google Play Store – ” Sensibo ”
App Store – ” Sensibo  “

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