Recommendations to Clients:

♦    Ater the proforma invoice payments we will send to You by e-mail order confirmations.
♦    In order confirmations letter is marked the time, when will be arrived Your products to Sarel Smart center and how will be the delivery managed to Your named place.
♦    If You are ordered by one ordering different suplyers products, than Your delivery time will be considered by the longest delivered productions time.

Delivery times:

In the warehous – Products are available and can be right now managed and delivered to client.
1-2 weeks – Products aren`t available and can be order from the Supliers wearhouse.
4-8 weeks – Products aren`t available and can be order from the Supliers.
On order – Availability of the product may be difficult. Before each order we will make Suppliers request for product availability. If the product can not be delivered – we will remove the product from our Product Selection.


Type of Transport Service “home” – All the shipments are delivered to customers by the desired location. For larger shipments, the service is guaranteed by the placement of a consignment of instruction, as used in two-man teams from the courier. Sarel Smart center courier services partner DPD Eesti AS has covered the whole of Estonia. “Home” service fee of 13 € or 19 € if the shipment is among the high–dimensional product. Shall be considered as a major product items weighing 60 kg or more, or a volume of 1.5 m3 or more.

Type of Transport Service “Post ATM“ – In collaboration with Smart Post companies in Estonia, we offer you a convenient and cost effective way ordered packages (maximum package size of 60cm x 60cm x 60cm) for you to come to the nearest store. Select courier transportation mode in your cart and you will open a list of different stores where you can choose your preferred place to receive the goods. You can get then pack by SMS notification, and a personal code. The code must be entered in the computer of ATM, and then ATM machine opens the door, and you received the goods. “Courier” service price is up to 6€ .