Vitastiq Smart Health Meter

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The entire family of mobile and smart solution !
– Analyzed Smart Health Meter.
– 24/7 health Monitoring.
– Enjoy the convenience and healthy lifestyle !

Vitastiq a clever device to vital health advice. Vitastiq is a new and innovative Health Meter that will help you understand the level of vitamins and minerals. It advises individually improving vitality through the selection of the proper nutrients

Vitastiq gives you the power to maintain good health and the possibility of a better quality of life. PS! Vitastiq is not a medical device and is not intended for use in medicine. Using Vitastiq is easy, safe and non-invasive.

   The entire family of mobile and smart solution.
   Vitamins and minerals Measurement.
   Distinguishes between up to 30 vitamins and minerals.
   You can create several different profiles.
   Can be divided between family members.
   Personalized Preparation of measurement.
   Individual surveying of historic preservation.
   24/7 health Monitoring.

   The product requires a user account registration.
   Health Meter runs WiFi coverage up to 10 m.
   Small dimentions: 148 x 18  mm.
   Weight: 60 gr.
   Splachproof: 15% IP 25
   Operating temperatures: -20`C – (+10`C)
   Operating humidity: 20 – 85% RH.
   Power supplyinternal batteryduration up to 7 days.

   With one Smart device can manage up to 1 Smart Health Meter.
   Supported Operating System:
                          a. Android 4.3 and above.
                         b. iOS 5 and above.
                         c. Bluetooth 4.0.
   Comtable with: .
   Existing user manual.

Where can I get the APP?

Google Play Store – ” Vitastiq ”
App Store – ” Vitastiq “

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